We believe that the uniform really captures a sense of pride in and belonging to the School, and is both Smart and Stylish.

This is compulsory for all students of the Mardan Youth’s Academy.

Please make sure that your ward comes to School dressed appropriately for Learning.

Summer Uniform for Boys

  • Blue Shirt H/S (Monogram on Pocket)

  • Dark Grey Trousers

  • Plain Black Belt for supporting trousers (Not a Fashion Belt)

  • Neck Tie (With Monogram)

  • Grey Socks (Plain)

  • Black Shoes with laces

Summer Uniform for Girls

  • Shirt: Brown Checked with colour, full sleeves with cuff

  • Shalwar: White

  • Dupata: White, Cotton

  • Socks: White

  • Shoes: Black Strap Shoes

Winter Uniform for Boys

In Addition to the above mentioned for Boys

  • Navy Blue Sweater (V-Neck)

  • Navy Blue Blazer (Single Brace)

Winter Uniform for Girls

In Addition to the above mentioned for Girls

  • Pullover: Brown with full Sleeves

  • Coat: Brown