1) Purpose-built Campus :

Our purpose-built campus provide the essential academic and recreational facilities.

2) Classrooms :

Practical classrooms are available for religious, science, design and technology lessons.

3) Interactive Learning :

Interactive learning can help students better learn and understand the course contents. The school has interactive white boards and multimedia projectors to serve this purpose.

4)  School Management Information System (SMIS) :

The school has got a functional SMIS which provides comprehensive analysis of the performance of students, teachers & staff. Students will be able to access all the lectures offered at the school at their home through internet. Parents will be able to know about their kid’s attendance, class performance, and other achievements through this system. They will also be able to see the fee related information of their kid.

5) Barcode Attendance System :

The kids will be issued with smart cards using which they will be able to log their attendance at the school gate at the time of arrival. They will also be able to mark their departure from school facility at the time of exit using the same card. This information will be available to the parents to see real time attendance information of their kids.

6) Library :

The school library has got a collection of informative title relating science, technology and literary material. The library also offers access to Audio/Visual resources. The school also provides access to various Encyclopedias.

7) Sports Facilities :

The school has separate grounds for girls and boys. The students will be able to play badminton, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and football.

8) Computer Lab :

The school has got a computer lab equipped with 60 state-of-the-art computers.