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Patron-in-Chief Message

The provision of quality education is not merely a privilege, but an inherent right of every child. Despite this universal understanding, the unfortunate reality of today's educational landscape reveals that a significant proportion of schools still fall short of meeting the key objective of imparting an education that goes beyond textbook knowledge. This objective embraces the need for character building and the nurturing of responsible, conscientious citizens. Reflecting on my professional trajectory, I have frequently noted this disconnect between the conventional emphasis on curriculum coverage and the pressing need for real-world readiness and civic responsibility.

This is where the vision and mission of Mardan Youth’s Academy (MYA) come into focus. MYA is steadfastly committed to bridging this educational chasm by offering superior quality education, underpinned by a commitment to robust character building. Our ethos lies in the understanding that true education is a harmonious blend of academic excellence and personal growth.

To realize this ambition, we plan to incorporate a strategic blend of key educational elements. A comprehensive and dynamic curriculum forms the backbone of this strategy, designed to not only cover essential academic knowledge but also to stimulate critical thinking and encourage curiosity.

Further bolstering our educational approach is our commitment to attracting and retaining competent educators. These individuals will not only be specialists in their respective fields but will also exemplify the principles of compassion, dedication, and innovative thinking. They will guide our students academically and serve as their mentors in their journey towards becoming well-rounded individuals.

Finally, we believe that innovation is crucial to the evolution of teaching methodologies. To this end, we will continuously explore and implement avant-garde teaching techniques that resonate with the needs of the modern learner. This approach will ensure an engaging, dynamic, and effective learning environment that facilitates holistic development, preparing our students not just for examinations, but for life.

Late Haji Abdul Sattar

Director Message

The foundation of a thriving nation lies unequivocally in the provision of superior primary education. The scope of such education extends beyond the confines of rote curriculum learning and includes the critical aspect of character development. At Mardan Youth’s Academy (MYA), we recognize these fundamental truths, placing them at the heart of our educational philosophy.

MYA is a proponent of experiential, activity-based learning. We firmly believe in empowering children to establish connections between their curriculum and their immediate environment. This approach cultivates in our students a profound understanding that knowledge is not a mere abstraction, but a tool with practical applications. It enables them to wield this tool effectively to solve real-world problems and navigate the multifaceted challenges of the twenty-first century.

Our course design strategy is guided by clearly defined objectives. Each course is carefully crafted to facilitate a particular learning outcome, ensuring that our students' educational journey is purposeful and coherent. We're not just teaching them facts and figures; we're equipping them with the skills and understanding they need to become informed, capable individuals.

The learning environment we foster at MYA also plays a significant role in our pedagogical approach. We understand that the right setting is crucial for children to truly grow, flourish, and discover their innate talents and potential. We strive to create a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere that encourages curiosity, promotes critical thinking, and instills confidence. In this manner, MYA becomes more than an educational institution; it becomes a crucible for transforming young minds into future leaders, innovators, and responsible global citizens.

Prof. Dr Naseer Ahmed

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