Administrator Message

Quality education is the right of every kid. Unfortunately, majority of schools today have failed to achieve the target of offering the kind of education needed for character building and making good citizens. Throughout my career, I felt this gap between educating in terms of curriculum coverage and the real adaptation to become a good citizen.

Mardan Youth’s Academy (MYA) will not only offer quality education but also will work on achieving good character building. This will be accomplished through a combination of features; curriculum, good teacher and innovative teaching techniques.

Haji Abdul Sattar

Director Message

Good basic education is the main reason behind the success of any nation. Education in terms of curriculum coverage and character building are both important. The main focus of Mardan Youth’s Academy (MYA) is activity-based learning. Our target is to help kids link the contents of the curricula to their surroundings and be able to utilize this knowledge to solve the problems and face the challenges of the twenty-first century. Courses are designed keeping in view a set targeted outcome. MYA provides an environment that enables the students to grow and flourish and to develop their potentials and talents.

Prof. Dr. Naseer Ahmed