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Chapter 1: Matrices

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Chapter 1: Matrices

Lecture 1
Why do we need matrices

Lecture 2
What are Matrices, their Order and Equality

Lecture 3
Types of Matrices

Lecture 4
Addition, Subtraction and other properties of Matrices

Lecture 5
Multiplication in Matrices

Lecture 6
Commutative, Associative and Distributive Properties of Matrices

Lecture 7
Multiplicative Identity, Transpose and Determinant of a Matrix

Lecture 8
Singularity Check, Adjoint and Multiplicative Inverse of a Matrix

Lecture 9
Finding Multiplicative Inverse of a Matrix

Lecture 10
Solving Equations using Multiplicative Inverse

Lecture 11
Matrix Inversion

Lecture 12
Cramer's Rule

Lecture 13
Solving Real Life Scenarios with Matrices

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